Artist Statement

In my childhood, piano lessons at the Linz Bruckner Conservatory after school were accompanied by wild summers in the surrounding forests and hills…

In meiner Kindheit wurden Klavierstunden am Linzer Brucknerkonservatorium nach der Schule von wilden Sommern in umliegenden Wäldern und Hügeln begleitet…

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Short Bio

Ursula Hentschlaeger holds a doctorate in communications and works as an artist and writer in the fields of art, literature and new media. read more


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(...). Ursula Hentschlaeger lets us go on an inner journey with her works. And despite her high degree of abstraction, her pictorial inventions are deeply rooted in our culture. Werner Remm, in: artmagazine.cc 2020
(...) In looking through Ursula Hentschläger’s body of work, variously created visual spaces open in the real public context or in the virtual, in the digital media or in photography. All the same, the works and interventions can be positioned along a tangent of structural commonalities. (...) Roland Schöny, in: EIKON 2012