In conversation with Kurt Hentschlaeger

In conversation with Kurt Hentschlaeger on the occasion of his production FEED.X during the Wiener Festwochen in July 2018 (Part I, german only)

There are few artists whose work I think I know as well as that of my brother. He began as early as the mid-1980s with works that thematized the emerging media world. TELE, perhaps his first oversized, walk-in spatial installation was created here. By co-founding PYRAMEDIA (together with Bruno Klomfar, Ulf Langheinrich, Gebhard Sengmüller and Rosa von Suess), his media works came to the fore early on. Finally the collaboration with Ulf Langheinrich within the artist duo GRANULAR SYNTHESIS began. With works like MODELL 5, they developed works of art that still have cult status today.

The development of the SOLOWERK also began with his move to the US. Since then, works have been created in continuous succession that simultaneously challenge and inspire the audience in performances, installations or in public spaces. With ZEE, FEED, CLUSTER or in recent times SOL art becomes a place of magic and the special. After performances I have seen many people returning to their everyday lives happy. The work regains cult status. For many years he is known as Visiting Artist at the Chicago Art Institute. He lives with the artist CLAUDIA HART in New York and shows his works worldwide. In 2018 he was in Austria several times, not least to present his work FEED.X for the first time at the Wiener Festwochen.

Kurt Hentschlager: Reactions

In conversation with Kurt Hentschlaeger on the occasion of his production FEED.X during the Wiener Festwochen in July 2018 (Part II > Epilogue, german only)

GEORG RITTER invited us to a joint discussion within the framework of DORF_TV and we gladly accepted this invitation. Two parts were created, which are now also accessible here. Unfortunately, the interview is only available in German, but there are many things that can be learned about the sequences of the original material and there is also the artist website.
dorf tv is no TV Channel in the traditional sense. „dorf“ stands for „Der (the) Offene (open) RundFunk (broadcaster)“. dorf tv is austrians first 24/7 community TV channel broadcasting terrestrically via DVB, covering an area of about 400.000 housholds in the province „Upper Austria“. Comparable to „Open Access TV“ and „Community radios“ but also inspired by the idea of TV as an instrument of art „dorf tv“ is an open and independent platform for individuals, organizations, culture-, film- and mediaactivist to go on air with their videos and programs.